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Digital Marketing Competition

Fall 2021 Digital Marketing Competition Finalists Announced

November 17, 2021 – Five undergraduate digital marketing teams have been invited to present live at the Fall 2021 Digital Marketing Competition Finals at Purdue Northwest thirty minutes outside Chicago, Illinois. The five finalists were selected from teams located across five continents in the largest DMC competition to date.

“The presentations are data-driven, thoroughly researched, and creative. It’s as if these students have been sitting in our team meetings all year long. It really got our wheels spinning, and it is easy to think through how we can start implementing some of the ideas right away.”

Jenelle Van Kuiken, Director of Marketing / Wondr Health

On Saturday, December 11th, the finalists will present their digital marketing plans to Wondr Health‘s marketing team and other digital marketing professionals from Amplified Digital, Epsilon, Amazon Ads, and Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners. The student teams presenting at the finals will be:

FIVE FINALISTS (Alphabetical order)

  • Team Adlaryan (U.S.)
  • Team Bagaria (Singapore)
  • Team Chee (Singapore)
  • Team C. Johnson (U.S.)
  • Team Quirin (U.S.)

ALTERNATES (In case a finalist can’t compete or travel)

  • First alternate: Team Leddy (U.S.)
  • Second alternate: Team J. Nguyen (U.S.)

In addition to those that made the finals, the judges wanted to call attention to the teams that rounded out the top 25 in the world:


  • 8th Team Hammontree (U.S.)
  • 9th Team Ray (U.S.)
  • 10th Team Cordoba (U.S.)
  • 11th Team J. Lim (Singapore)
  • 12th Team C. Keenan (U.S.)
  • 13th Team J. Leon (U.S.)
  • 14th Team R. Maas (U.S.)
  • 15th Team B. Maroney (U.S.)
  • 16th Team J. Tang (Singapore)
  • 17th Team J. Trapani (U.S.)
  • 18th Team B. Williams (U.S.)
  • 19th Team S. Fardoun (U.S.)
  • 20th Team X. Kan (Singapore)
  • 21st Team T. Roettger (U.S.)
  • 22nd Team A. Volkman (U.S.)
  • 23rd Team J. Foster (U.S.)
  • 24th Team J. Hreha (U.S.)
  • 25th Team S. Lim (Singapore)

Congratulations to all of the teams that competed this fall. The Spring 2022 Digital Marketing Competition will be back in January with the live finals held in St. Louis, Missouri. Details will be posted on the website shortly.

For further details, visit:

For questions about the competition, please contact:

Matt Hanson

2200 169th Street, Anderson 382

Hammond, IN 46323

Phone: 213-302-6075

Email: WinBig[at]