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Below we’ve highlighted the winning Digital Marketing Competition presentations through the years to provide you and your team a blueprint for success as you prepare your campaign.

Fall 2023
First Place:
Coming Soon
Client: Coming Soon


Spring 2023
First Place:
Team Deluca (Grad)
Client: Radio Flyer

University:  Rutgers University
Team:  Alyssa Deluca, Kaitlyn Bentley, Sarah Parr
Professor:  Dr. Stacy Schwartz
Country:  US

Spring 2023
First Place:
Team Yoneda (UG)
Client: Radio Flyer

University:  Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa
Team:  Bree Yoneda, Eve Gray, Brendan Peters, Ethen Wales
Professor: Dr. Constancio Paranal
Country:  US

Fall 2022
First Place:
Team Mhammed (Grad)
Client: MegMade

University:  IAE Angers
Team:  Mhammed Lebbar, Emma Nozay, and Chris-Aurel Fassinou
Professor:  Ronan Chardonneau
Country:  France

Fall 2022
First Place:
Team Le (UG)
Client: MegMade

University:  Bryant University
Team:  Yen Le, Hailey Aspinwall, Christian Kjeldsen, and Mike Disabito
Professor:  Dr. Sharmin Attaran
Country:  USA

Spring 2022
First Place:
Team Hensley
Client: Top 100 Charities

University:  Ball State University
Team:  Sami Hensley, Bridget Junker, Eli Lucas, and Megan Neal
Professor:  Michelle O’Malley
Country:  USA

Fall 2021
First Place:
Team Chee
Client: Wondr Health

University:  Nanyang Technological University
Team:  Tiffany Chee, Janessa Tan, and Nurfatin I’llyya
Professor:  Wong Pei Wen
Country:  Singapore

Spring 2021
First Place:
Team Sands
Client: Super Coffee

University:  University of Missouri
Team:  Lilly Sands, Peyton Jones, and Keith Woodard
Professor:  Katie Essing
Country:  USA

Fall 2020
First Place:
Team E. Scott
Client: ChangEd

University:  University of Hawaii at Manoa
Team:  Emma Scott, Stacy Odquier, and Jenny Tran
Professor:  Constancio Paranal, III
Country:  USA


Fall 2019
First Place:
Team Payne
Client: Harbour Trust

University:  Western Michigan University
Team:  Lexi Payne, Liz Volante, and Parker Hurley
Professor:  Scott Cowley
Country:  USA