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Digital Marketing Competition

Fall 2022 Digital Marketing Competition Finalists

Fall 2022 Digital Marketing Competition Finalists Announced

November 11, 2022 – It took 220 teams (new record) across the world to get to this day and we’re excited to announce the team finalists who will present at the virtual Fall 22 Digital Marketing Competition & Summit on December 2nd.

“In keeping with tradition of this competition, we love to shake things up when it comes to our case study sponsors. This semester was no exception with MegMade, and it really challenged the students across the world. While the judges said they saw a lot of the same social and paid strategies across the entries, it was the one or two unique ideas that really stood out and elevated the top teams.”

Matt Hanson, Director of the Digital Marketing Competition & Summit

On Friday, December 2nd, the finalists will present their campaigns to a panel of judges including Meg and Joe from MegMade during the virtual Digital Marketing Competition & Summit. This event is free and open to everyone through our Zoom Event. Registration will begin the week of November 14th on our website.

The student teams presenting at the finals will be:


FINALISTS (Alphabetical order)

  • Team A. Birle (Villanova University)
  • Team Y. Le (Bryant University)
  • Team I. Miller (Ball State University)
  • Team C. Neal (Univ. of Oklahoma)

ALTERNATES (In case a finalist can’t compete)

  • First alternate: Team M. Dehass (Univ. of Kansas)
  • Second alternate: Team Z. Appiah (Univ. of Oklahoma)

In addition to those that made the finals, the judges wanted to call attention to the teams that rounded out the top 20:


  • 7th Team J. Fleck
  • 8th Team H. Frank
  • 9th Team P. Hanly
  • 10th Team S. Senter
  • 11th Team A. Perez
  • 12th Team M. Mueller
  • 13th Team M. Gomez
  • 14th Team E. Miller
  • 15th Team A. Vergara
  • 16th Team T. Fleming
  • 17th Team B. Deaver
  • 18th Team R. Smith
  • 19th Team T. Rothwell
  • 20th Team A. Trogdon


FINALISTS (Alphabetical order)

  • Team J. Cavalcanti (Univ. of Stavanger, Norway)
  • Team C. Trespalacios* (Univ. of San Diego)

ALTERNATES (In case a finalist can’t compete)

  • First alternate: Team M. Guebhard (IAE Angers, France)
  • Second alternate: Team L. Mhammed (IAE Angers, France)

The teams that rounded out the top 10 are:


  • 5th Team P. Suess
  • 6th Team M. Monna
  • 7th Team S. Shrestha
  • 8th Team R. Belrhazi
  • 9th Team M. Genissel
  • 10th Team L. Verger

Congratulations to all of the teams that competed this fall. The Spring 2023 Digital Marketing Competition will launch in January.

For further details, visit:

For questions about the competition, please contact:

Matt Hanson

2200 169th Street, Anderson 382

Hammond, IN 46323

Phone: 213-302-6075

Email: WinBig[at] 

*The original post listed I. Miller (undergraduate finalist) in place of C. Trespalacios (graduate finalist). Our apologies for any confusion.