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Fall 2022 Digital Marketing Competition Winners Announced

Dec 5, 2022 – Two hundred twenty Undergraduate and Graduate level student teams from across the world completed the Fall 2022 Digital Marketing Competition this past Friday. Not only was this the largest Digital Marketing Competition ever, it was the first time Graduate teams had their own track. Finalists presented their campaigns to a panel of judges that consisted of Meg and Joe Piercy and Kaylee Rodell from case sponsor MegMade, Zach Hescott and Graham Macko from, and Samantha Bartucci from Kimberly-Clark (Huggies).

The winning Undergraduate (Team Le) team consisted of Yen Le, Christian Kjeldsen, Hailey Aspinwall, Mike Disabito, and Dr. Sharmin Attaran, while the winning Graduate (Team Mhammed) team included Mhammed Lebbar, Emma Nozay, Chris-Aurel Fassinou, and Professor Ronan Chardonneau.

It’s never easy to select one winner from hundreds of entries, but this semester’s finalists truly took the judge’s suggestions from the first round and took their campaigns to the next level at the finals.

“Challenging journey. Indeed, but teamwork pays off, with perseverance, faith, and trusting in the TEAM, there you go!”

Mhammed Lebbar, Team Mhammed

“Thank you so much for this opportunity and experience! We loved being able to explore our creativity and are truly honored that the judges saw life in our campaign.”

Yen Le, Team Le


FIRST PLACE: Team Le – Bryant University (Rhode Island, U.S.)

SECOND PLACE: Team Birhle – Villanova University (Pennsylvania, U.S.)

THIRD PLACE: Team Neal – University of Oklahoma (Oklahoma, U.S.)

FOURTH PLACE: Team Miller – Ball State University (Indiana, U.S.)


FIRST PLACE: Team Mhammed – IAE Angers (France)

SECOND PLACE: Team Cavalcanti – University of Stavanger (Norway)

In addition, sponsors from the Barbauld Agency, Digital Target Marketing, and Purdue University Northwest provided specialty awards:

MOST ENGAGEMENT AWARD (Sponsor – Purdue University Northwest):

University of Oklahoma (Oklahoma, U.S.)

H. DAUBEK AWARD (Sponsor – Barbauld Agency):

Alex Birhle – Villanova University (Pennsylvania, U.S.)

WHAT’S TRENDING AWARD (Sponsored – Digital Target Marketing):

Team Le – Bryant University (Rhode Island, U.S.)

“Thank you, DMC, for providing a wonderful opportunity to expose students to clients with real-world projects. Bryant University is truly honored to have been recognized by the judges for incorporating creativity and analytics into a cohesive strategy for Megmade.”

Dr. Sharmin Attaran, Bryant University

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