Digital Marketing Competition

Spring 2021 Digital Marketing Competition

Five Finalists Announced in the Spring 2021 Digital Marketing Competition

April 17, 2021 – Five collegiate digital marketing teams have been selected to present to Super Coffee’s management team in the Spring 2021 Digital Marketing Competition Finals. The five finalists were selected from 149 teams stretching from North America to Asia.

“The Super Coffee family was energized by the level of the marketing pitches submitted into the Digital Marketing Competition. It was clear the teams brought their creativity, passion and knowledge from the classroom to this competition. We are excited to meet the finalists and dig deeper into the pitches to reach the college consumer.”

Tori Hanna, Chief Marketing Officer / Kitu Life Inc. Super Coffee

On Friday, May 14th finalists will discuss their marketing strategies with six members of Super Coffee’s leadership team in the hopes of winning one of three top prizes: $1,000 for first place, $500 for second, and $250 for third place. The student teams that will be presenting at the finals will be:

FIVE FINALISTS (Alphabetical order)

  • Team C. Butler (U.S.)
  • Team S. Freeman (U.S.)
  • Team K. Moyer (U.S.)
  • Team N. Ozone (U.S.)
  • Team L. Sands (U.S.)

ALTERNATES (In case a finalist can’t compete)

  • First alternate: Team C. Richmond (U.S.)
  • Second alternate: Team J. Pagaragan (U.S.)

In addition to the finalists, the judges wanted to highlight the additional teams that rounded out the top 25:


  • 8th Team G. Houston (U.S.)
  • 9th Team S. Nowick (U.S.)
  • 10th Team N. Miller (U.S.)
  • 11th Team K. Clecker (U.S.)
  • 12th Team A. Yi (U.S.)
  • 13th Team N. Yarbrough (U.S.)
  • 14th Team C. Mathis (U.S.)
  • 15th Team P. Rundlett (U.S.)
  • 16th Team W. Limperus (U.S.)
  • 17th Team E. Markos (U.S.)
  • 18th Team A. Hentz (U.S.)
  • 19th Team N. Tan Yi Quan (Malaysia)
  • 20th Team H. Wiemann (U.S.)
  • 21st Team M. Jancsy (U.S.)
  • 22nd Team K. Pannell (U.S.)
  • 23rd Team B. Bicknell (U.S.)
  • 24th Team K. Sycip (U.S.)
  • 25th Team P. McNally (U.S.)

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